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CMI Music Group


CMI Music Group is a world class music production company and music studio based in the UK. 

 The company is responsible for many aspects of the music industry including writing, recording, arranging, production, film scores, music supervision, composition, mastering and mixing along with session musician hire.

 Headed by Alexander Johnston, the company's impressive roster includes the ground breaking Mamma Freedom, Soul legend Alexander O'Neal, JV Johnston, The Sonic Generals, Ashleigh Eymann and Ishkan. 

 The company's song writing division has written, produced, recorded and mixed for artist such as Damon Albarn, CASISDEAD, Robbie Williams, Alexander O'Neal, Girls Aloud, James Newman, Wiley, Children In Need and many more and has a full Film scoring team, writing team and 20 piece in house band featuring some of the best musicians in the business.

Alex and the studio band and team recently finished the new Alexander O'Neal album 'Testament' and in 2018 re-arranged and re-recorded O'Neals mega hit album Hearsay for its 30 year anniversary and Alex also helped mix and mastered the stunning Alexander O'Neal 'Live at The Palladium.


The company works in film and TV with recent projects including a score for a Manga film, an arrangement for Children In Need, an ITV Christmas Eve concert along with other Film and TV music coming 2022.

Alexander Johnston will also be starting an online tutorial series 'The Grand Northern Recording Academy' where he will be sharing production and mixing tips and tricks along with Q&A's and full breakdowns of tracks and his techniques.


The Studio also offers both physical and online mixing, recording and mastering services for all levels of artists, we have a team that specializes in giving artists top level songs and mixes at an affordable price.



To book Alexander Johnston, The Grand Northern Recording Studio or any of our services email:


or call:

+44 7740361376


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